Monday, February 9, 2009


Up until now, the general mood of my posts have been pretty somber. I think it's best (especially considering my current mood), that I try to express something beyond the dark side of the moon, so to speak. The light does shine.

Despite the fact that I get frustrated with the feeling that I win at everything in life except the one most important thing, the statement is not entirely accurate. Yes, there have been moments where I have been humiliated, victimized, disappointed, and outright wrong when it came to love, but I am not going to define myself by who's draped on my arm and at my side. I have more sense and dignity to know that I am who I am not because of who I am with (or can be with) at any given time.

However, I do not discount the influence that others have in one's definition. I have a loving family (which an alarmingly high amount of people do not have) and I have wonderful friends who, despite their shortcomings, make life meaningful.

For some, you may sometimes note that I will say, as a goodbye - almost a benediction of sorts - with, "love you! good night!" unless I feel you'd be uncomfortable by it (trust me the feeling is still there - you know who you are). Know that if I say it to you, there is a twofold meaning behind it.

Firstly, I genuinely mean it as a sign of my eternal appreciation that you are a part of my life, and without you, I would have so much less to go on for in this world. Secondly, I use it as a form of expressing to you that you are important in your own right - not just important to me - important, period. Don't let yourself be fooled. Don't let anyone else tell you anything differently. You may have been abused in the past. You may have been let down. You may think you're worthless. Those things cannot be further from the truth. I have seen the value that you hold. I have seen your potential. My heart smiles upon the kind of person that you are - faults and all.

The second point, as you can tell, is the crux. If you know anything about me (or have the ability to scroll down and read), you'll know that I believe being important is such a significant thing (go figure), and is one of the best things for me - not just important to someone - important, period. I want you to see in yourself the quality that I hold in such high regard. I want you to see it like I see it in you.

Whatever you do, never impair your own value.

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