Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Auditor's Report (Foreword)

I always told myself I would make one of these - so here it is.

The significance of the title relates to my career - a part of what defines me. By day (and on occasion, by night) I'm an auditor.

For those of you who do not know: an unqualified opinion from an auditing standpoint is the opinion I make at the end of an audit of an entity, and means that I have looked at its information through a test basis, and have concluded with reasonable (not full - this is important) assurance that its information is materially (also important) correct, is free from error/fraud, and follows certain, prescribed standards. This opinion is put on a report and is essentially the tangible product I am delivering to my clients - it's like a clean bill of health.

OK, that was pretty heavy; wake up. I honestly don't know why I wrote out that definition.

People rely on my opinion (and the opinions of many like myself in the same position) and use the entity's information that I have essentially said is usable to make decisions that shape and define the very economy of our world. This is a part of why I like what I do. People rely on me. People respect me. What I say - based on what I do - has an impact far greater than myself.

But enough about my work...

The other reason I chose the name is pretty much a disclaimer. This blog is not just an account of my life, but a statement of my [unqualified] opinion on whatever the topic at hand may be. But really, whose opinion is actually qualified when it comes to life? I generally like to stay on the fence (story of my life), remain objective about all sorts of matters, and often play Devil's Advocate should a side be underrepresented. However, if you are reading this, feel free to discuss/disagree with me should the mood strike you.

Many thanks and kind regards,

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